Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Orange Code

I wanted to share something that some of the leaders at Elevation: Boone Extension have been meditating on for awhile. We are currently reading The Orange Code by Arkadi Kuhlmann and Bruce Philp. It's actually the book that Elevation Church used to found their code on which they built the church. The book is incredibly strategic in how to create a successful business and how to build strong leadership - I have found it to be absolutely brilliant so far. Our Lead Producer, Matt, shared this quote from Chapter 3 with us tonight and we were all really moved by what it stood for. Suddenly we could see ourselves in the though the "code" was written specific to us and to this ministry we are though we were being told to BRING IT DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN.

"What brought us here? Any one of us could make a living a hundred ways - a hundred easier ways. Why did we choose this 'road not taken'? Maybe it's because we each, for our own reasons, WANTED TO MAKE A STAND. Instead of inheriting someone else's vision, someone else's mountain, we wanted to climb our own, so that when we're done, we can look back at the trip and say, 'I did this.'

And here we are. And we realize...
The thing about making our own road is that,
WE CAN NEVER COAST, or we'll just stop. 
This place is our MOUNTAIN.
We have a good idea, something that will help people.
But it's new.
So we have to inspire them.
Every day.
And that is what makes this road so steep…
And why at the end of the day…
 It is one that not everyone is meant to take.
But they say the view is best closest to the edge.
Today, we'll stop and look.
And it will be beautiful
And tomorrow will be another mountain."

I love the way that the Elevation Boone staff and volunteers are making themselves indispensable to the cause. I love the way that we are learning to never be satisfied. We are learning to be grateful for everything, because we have seen God constantly prove Himself faithful. We are learning to brace ourselves for the fight, because we find ourselves up to the challenge. We are never discouraged for we have seen the Lord fighting FOR us. And we are in the midst of finding our one pursuit, our one desire, in relentlessly making God's name and renown famous. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's not about me...

Lately, the Elevation Boone team has really been hit hard by one particular phrase - 
One of my incredibly talented best friends, Cheslie, designed a really awesome graphic to magnify the statement for us: 

Can you imagine a more incredible statement than this? Think about it - IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. It's not about my comfort. It's not about my happiness. It's not about my busy day or busy schedule. It's not about my wants and earthly desires. It's not about ME. It's all about GOD and His glory. Everything God does is so that His glory and renown may be made known. But check this out... God wants for me to GROW in my uncomfortable state. God wants for me to be happy. He wants to ease my mind and hold my busy life in His hands. He wants to fulfill and satisfy my every want and desire. It's all about Him... but God in all of His glory, loves ME. I am completely in awe of this one realization. 

My roommate, Lori, and I loved it so much that we put an "It's not about me" sign on our apartment door. This way, we see it every time we walk outside into the world and into our day.

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son, who loved me and gave himself FOR ME." - Galatians 2:20