Friday, January 21, 2011


 I absolutely love Fridays. This semester, I have the privilege of having no Friday classes! And I've gotta tell you, it makes all the difference in the world. It turns my seemingly long week into a 4 day week, it gives me the chance to relax in the mornings and actually have a meaningful devotion, and honestly, I just love the extra sleep. Reflecting on this past week, I am amazed that so much can happen in a week. I am amazed at all the things God is doing in my life and in the lives of the people around me. 

Monday was my first Sun Stand Still Bible study. It was incredible! The girls in my group were so fired up to start something here at ASU. I can feel God working in their hearts and stirring a belief for the impossible. We are working on building our Sun Stand Still prayers and finding a Page 23 vision for our lives. I'll explain what that is later :) I am so excited for them and I am confident that God's name will be lifted high this year at Appalachian. 

"Certainly I felt way too young to take on such a serious task that required this much wisdom. But somehow I sensed that none of this would matter. Ignorance and inexperience wouldn't count as valid excuses. When God speaks, he does not stutter. When he awakens you to your calling, the snooze button stops working. It was time for me to get busy for God." - Sun Stand Still

Wednesday was my first day of snowboarding. My lovely friend Natalie somehow convinced me to take a snowboarding class with her this semester. (It doesn't matter that the last 19 years of my life have been 100% against ever setting foot on a slope). 
Her request looked something like this...

"Caroline... P-L-E-A-S-E take snowboarding with me on Wednesday nights!!! I'm going to be ALL ALONE!!! ..Plus that would be the perfect place to film our Beyonce video!!! 

Think about it..... ♥♥♥"

How in the world did I fall for that?! I don't know, but it turns out that I LOVED it and it was a ton of fun. It was completely terrifying, but definitely worth it. I imagine that by the time our 5 weeks in the class are up, we're gonna look something like this:

YUP. Can't wait for that ;) haha

And now, my Friday is filled with joy as I think about what God has given me this week. I am off to have lunch with my favorite "little sisters." 
May your Friday be filled with JOY as you reflect on what God has blessed you with this week. 


  1. That sounds like a fun week! I wish I was in your bible study :)

  2. It definitely was! I wish that you were in my bible study too! miss you!