Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freely Giving

This morning, Shelley, Jeremy, and I went to The Heart! The Heart is a small church that meets at Watauga High School. I've heard amazing things about this church and we just felt led to try it out. WE LOVED IT. The worship was wonderful and the sermon was inspiring and moving. The Pastor spoke on giving freely. What we have been given is not ours to keep. We must continue to give. If we do not, we will end up being like the Dead Sea: full of nutrients but dead to the world because it does not give away its nutrients. The Dead sea gathers nutrients from the Sea of Galilee but it does not have an outlet. Therefore, there is no life within the Dead Sea. We should be the kinds of Christians that take what God has blessed us with and give it back to the world. We should use everything we have to serve others. The benediction was a video by the Robbie Seay Band and it spoke to me in so many ways. Enjoy!

Slow down, be still

Let go, we will
Be here, be now.

Slow down, be still
Breathe in, refill
Be here, be now

If you choose to love,
To know that the call
Is to give all you are
To give love away, away

Rise, rise, people of love rise
People of love rise,
Give yourself away (repeat)

Slow down, just breathe
Be still believe
Be here be now

Slow down and see
It's all you need
Be loved and free

And to hear the call, is to give your love away 
And to hear the call, is to give your love away 
And to hear the call, is to give your life away 
Is to give your life away

We're not safe, we're not safe
But we will rise
People of love rise
Give yourself away 

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