Friday, February 25, 2011

The Snowboarding Adventures of Natalie and Caroline

After 5 weeks of taking a snowboarding class, I can say with confidence that I LOVE snowboarding!! Natalie and I have had so much fun taking this class together! We came up with several reasons why we love it so much:
- It's time away from school and homework
- It's time that we can spend talking about what's going on during our week; what we're excited about and what we're worried about
- The chair lift is an excellent spot for girl talk haha
- It's good exercise
- It's a challenge. Neither one of us knew how to snowboard going into this, so it was new and exciting for the both of us!

Here are some pictures from our last night snowboarding:

Natalie and I with our instructor, Todd!!

Our snowboarding class!

I'm so sad that it's over, but hopefully we'll be able to go again sometime this semester! AND we're even thinking about taking another Intermediate snowboarding class next semester! I'm so happy Natalie persuaded me to conquer my fears of the slopes and try something new with her! It was definitely worth it. Here are some videos for your amusement haha.




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