Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have had the most exciting news burning within me for awhile now and I'm so excited that I finally get to share! Elevation Church is starting a Global campus at Appalachian! Here's the story of how this happened...

A few weeks ago, the Lord laid on my heart to pray for something BIG. To pray for impossible things. This desire to pray for something big coincided with the Bible Study I am leading on Steven Furtick's book, Sun Stand Still. The girls in my Bible Study and myself have been learning how to have audacious faith and learning to act in bold ways for the sake of Christ. Little did I know that the sorority's brother fraternity was also dreaming of big things God could do on this campus! At one of our Joint Bible Study meetings, led by Troy Welty, a few of us brainstormed of some ways that we could make an impact on this campus. 

"What if we started an on campus church so that freshman who didn't have a car or those students who didn't want to wake up early in the morning could have the chance to go to church?" "What if we started a church that could relate to students in a way that was different than the other churches in Boone?" The vision was clear. But how could we go about doing this? 

"What if Elevation was involved?" ...

Almost all of us are from the Charlotte area and attend Elevation Church. We all recognize the life change that the church as had on each of us. Having Elevation working with us in starting an on campus church seemed absolutely incredible, but strangely impossible. We began to pray for God to move on this campus and use us to make a difference. 

“You will never know what it is like to experience God’s power in this way until you have the audacity to believe and pray and act in the confidence that our God is a God of the impossible.” - Sun Stand Still 

There's so many other little details I could share with you about this amazing experience and how it came to be. Long story short, we finally came into contact with two staff members from Elevation. We emailed back and forth and conference called. This past weekend over Spring Break, our little team traveled to the Blakeney and Providence campuses so that we could ask questions and see the "behind the scenes" at Elevation. It was truly an amazing experience. I learned so much about what goes into starting a church.

Elevation Church is calling this Elevation Global. The purpose of a Global Location (Appalachian) is the same as that of Elevation Church - to reach people far from God and fill them with life in Christ. An Elevation Global Location is a unique expression of that vision, specific to its community, where people far from God can come together under the preaching and leadership of Pastor Steven Furtick and partner with Elevation Church in changing the world. Appalachian State University is the first University Global campus!

We feel so honored to be a part of something so special. Starting April 3rd, the Lord is going to move powerfully on this campus. We are praying for life change. We are praying for eyes to be opened and for college students to begin to have extraordinary passion for Jesus. We are praying for God to pour out his presence all over this campus. I'm confident that God's name will be lifted HIGH this year. We are ready to experience a move of God.

“The EXTRAORDINARY presence and purpose of God will burn brightly in the life of anyone WILLING to be set on FIRE.”


  1. This is absolutely amazing. From a little mustard seed of thought, to a life changing church. WOW! I love seeing God work.

  2. Thanks Megan! It really is incredible to watch God work here at Appalachian. So honored to be a part of it. 160 people already signed up to attend the first service!

  3. We're excited to partner with you guys. Hoping I can make it up for the opening night. Thanks for your passion for the ministry! We're just as pumped!

  4. Thanks Braden! We couldn't be more excited. That would be great if you could come up for the launch! April 3!