Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's Adventure

This morning presented an interesting start to my day. On Mondays, I only have one class (lucky I know), Art. I have been nervous about this class ever since signing up for it last semester! I have never been able to draw, paint, sketch, etc. very well. However, I do have a pretty good imagination! Normally, I have a good idea of what I want to create, but I have trouble actually creating it. Anyway, my art teacher says to us this morning that we will each spend the 2 hour class time wandering outside. We must individually wander around campus and take pictures of things that intrigue us. Things that we want to know more about. Things that inspire us. It was actually a lot of fun! (Besides the fact that it was absolutely freezing outside and my fingers were completely numb by the time I returned!) 

I chose to walk down King Street and wander through all of the different shops. I spent the most time in Art Walk- one of my favorite stores to find paintings, jewelry, stationary, etc. 

Here was my favorite picture of the morning:
Not only do I want to know more about this picture, such as what kind of words could possibly be written inside, but I find it extremely romantic and inspiring. What a wonderful start to a Monday. 

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