Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whoever welcomes one such child welcomes me...

Oftentimes, I wonder how I arrived at elementary education for my major. I don't remember ever loving elementary school. I did NOT enjoy waking up early, doing homework, and studying for my numerous quizzes and tests. I enjoyed playing with my friends on the playground at recess, but I didn't actually like the learning part of school. What child does? However, there was one teacher that I believe is the reason for me wanting to teach...

Her name is Mrs. Givens, my 3rd grade teacher. Now, I don't remember much about her. But in my mind, I know exactly what she looks like. I also know how much fun I had that year in 3rd grade. We did so many fun activities that they still stick out in my mind as a sophomore in college:
- We had a cake walk
- We had pen pals
- We made succotash while reading a book about Indians
- We practiced our times tables by  writing them in shaving cream on our desks
- Our parents decorated our desks for Valentines day
Sounds fun huh?

Well, I am excited to say that I am fully confident in my major, elementary education. I hope to be able to brighten my students' day with fun activities and fill their little minds with knowledge.   After my first Sun Stand Still Bible study with my SAO girls last night, I have started to think about ways in which I can pray for BOLD things in my life. I want to pray prayers that can make the sun stand still over my life. For example:

- School: Pray for my classmates around me who watch my every move because they know that I am a Christian and I’m in SAO.
- Family: Pray to be an example for my family members. I will not be afraid of what my family members will say if God is calling me to something different than I first had in mind.
 Friends: I will share with my friends what God is teaching me in my life. I will PRAY that God will use me and my friends in miraculous ways. Instead of talking about what my friend did, I will pray for them. I will ask God for the sun to stand still over their lives.
- Relationships: I will be on the look out for a man who is after God’s own heart. A man who also has a sun stand still vision for his life. A man who is not just a mediocre Christian but someone who is willing to act audaciously for God’s glory.

And finally, my future job as a TEACHER: I will pray for God to allow me to change the lives of my students.  I want to make an impact on each of their lives. I want to be an example of Christ's love to my co-workers, my students, my administrators, my students' parents, my friends, etc. I want to see the sun stand still over my workplace. 

Here are a few pictures from Green Valley Elementary where I tutored last semester :) 
Me and sweet little Gracie

 My kindergarten boys: Johnny and Ward

The whole silly, obnoxious gang...holla

“And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me." Matthew 18:5

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