Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Shelley!!

Happy 22nd Birthday to my older sister Shelley!!! 
I cannot believe that she is already so old and GRADUATING from college. It seems like just yesterday, we were playing dress up together and eating cheese biscuits at our Papa and Nanny’s. Shelley is absolutely the best older sister I could have ever asked for. I am so blessed to have her as my sister, friend, role model, counselor, and laughing buddy. I have loved getting to know her so much more over the last four years and it has been so wonderful to live with her as roommates this year! I truly have come to know her as a soul mate. I can share anything with Shelley. I can cry with her, laugh with her, share in her delights and her heartaches. I can relate with her and fight with her. And we remain sisters still. 

- I am thankful for who she is and who she is becoming. 
- I am thankful for the memories that we are creating together. 
- I am thankful for her words of wisdom, her strong faith in Christ, her cheerful spirit, and her honest heart. 
- I am thankful that together with Melanie, we make up the Three Muskateers. 
- I am thankful that Shelley is learning that she doesn't need to fast forward her life any but truly treasure each and every day. 

I consider it a honor and a privilege to be Shelley's little sister. I love her so much and I wish her the HAPPIEST, MOST WONDERFUL, doggone BEST birthday ever!

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