Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Makes a Good Leader

I am so honored to share this news with you- Next year, I will be the President of Sigma Alpha Omega, the Christian sorority on App's campus. I am THRILLED! The Lord continues to pour out His blessings in my life, and I am in awe watching Him work. I am so blessed to have served under such amazing leadership this year as Prayer Chair and I have learned so much from each of the seniors about Christ and community with one another. Here is the new Exec Board for next year! We were celebrating our beautiful seniors at Senior Night last night. In the words of Kelsye Hughey (my VP!) the fate of the sorority rests in our hands... dun dun dunnnnn. haha

My two favorite seniors!

My sweet sister Shelley. I'm going to miss her so much! Good thing we're related.

Old and new Prez!

The Lord has been teaching me about what makes a good leader and I shared what I've been learning with the other SAO leaders at the transition meeting. Check it out:

"A common leadership saying is that a leader can only lead people as far as they have gone themselves. I couldn’t agree more. But there’s one facet of this truth that we need to be careful of, especially when it comes to the way we communicate to inspire and motivate the people we’re leading.
A person walking ten miles ahead of you is a hard person to follow.
It’s one thing to say you’ve been ten miles ahead and you’re going to lead them to the destination. It’s another thing to tell people I’m ten miles ahead, come find me. Leaders lead the way. Leaders should inspire people to raise their game by their life and what they say. Leaders can only take people as far as they have gone themselves. 
The highest compliment you can give to those you lead is to demand the best from them. Don't apologize for expecting excellence. God deserves it, and people are capable of it. Call it out.
But leaders also have to live and communicate in such a way that the people following them believe it’s possible to get to where they’re going. What you need to do is be a person who can challenge them to move from 5 to 10. And then 10 to 15. And so on. You’ve already been there, so you can inspire them to get there. But it’s also something they’ll believe is possible.
In your leadership, aim to be an example that people can aspire to while still being a person that people can relate to. Then you’ll be able to lead people to where you’ve been.
Thankful for the opportunity to become a great leader- one who expects excellence while also being a constant supporter. 

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