Friday, April 22, 2011

3D Easter

This week, Elevation Global: AppState has been preparing for our 3D Easter Worship Experience! Our God is a creative God and we are so excited for what He is going to do through this creative presentation of the gospel. We are thrilled that we have the opportunity to worship simultaneously with Elevation Church and global sites all around the world. To prepare for such an amazing service, we had an Egg Drop Tuesday afternoon! 1000 orange eggs were spread all over Sanford Mall on campus and in the Walmart parking lot. Each egg contained a flyer promoting our service on Sunday and also a raffle ticket (We're giving away an iPad at the service, can I get a woo hoo?!)  We also gave out Elevation t-shirts, cds, bumper stickers, water bottles, candy, etc. It was amazing to see how many students were drawn to come talk with us because they saw so many orange eggs covering the ground on Sanford. 

We are praying that God will instill desire and passion into the hearts of those attending on Sunday. We are praying for record attendance and life change. We desire to participate in a mission to manifest the kingdom of God in every sphere of our influence. We desire to respond to God’s call to Christians everywhere to embrace, harness, and ultimately shape the culture.We are praying to be placed in the middle of a move of God.  Excited to see what God does through 3D Easter and prepared to give HIM all the glory when He does the impossible. Stay tuned.

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