Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shelley's ENGAGED!!!

This past weekend I went home to Charlotte for Labor Day weekend to celebrate my 20th birthday with my family! Little did I know I was in for an even BIGGER celebration!! 

My older sister, Shelley, got ENGAGED!!! 

After two years of dating, Jeremy Hines has finally proposed to my beautiful sister. Now I must say that I have had the privilege of watching their relationship grow these past two years. Two years ago, I listened to Shelley as she told me how interested she was in this boy, Jeremy, who is in our brother Christian fraternity, KYX. I accompanied Shelley to a game of Ultimate frisbee with the guys just so there would be a chance Jeremy would look her way. Little did Shelley know that Jeremy had been noticing her since the first day they met. I encouraged Jeremy and watched as he began to court my sister with flowers and dinner dates. 

Now these two have one of the most God-centered, stable relationships I know. They continually seek the Lord in every endeavor and they truly are a partnership in every sense. Shelley is very blessed with a man who is God's man through and through. I'm excited to see where the next few years lead them! Congratulations you two! 

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