Saturday, February 12, 2011

V-Day post #1: Things I LOVE...

In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day,  I really want to take the time to think about the things that I love, things that I am looking forward to loving, and really what love means to me. In our world today, we use the word, love, for a lot of things! From "I love these shoes" to "I love my boyfriend or husband," love takes on a million different meanings. Here are a few of my "loves" :

- I love chick flicks, desserts, and spending time with my girls
- I love my Savior
- I love my sweet sisters 
- I love my inspiring mother and my wonderful father
- I love sunshine and warm days outside
- Right now, I am loving being single
- I love vintage clothing 
- I love teaching
- I love unique jewelry
- I love coffee!
- I love the color green
- I love scarves. I have a billion
- I love finding new songs
- I love to travel
- I love to write and blog
- I love almost any type of music
- I love trying out new makeup
- I love sour patch kids 
- I love pasta
- I love sweet pea perfume
- I love taking pictures
- I love reading
- I love highlighters
- I love flowers
- I love a new hair cut
- I love any color of nail polish
- I love the smell of books haha
- I love driving with the sun roof open
- I love candles
- I love going on vacations and road trips
- I love naps
- I love ultimate frisbee
- I love sweatpants
- I love fuzzy socks
- I love dressing up and going out to fancy places
- I love snowboarding now!
- I love the way Christian music makes me feel
- I love making cookies
- I love holidays! (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc. Even Valentine's Day!)

I'm sure there are many more things that I love. What I really want to find out is if this love is the same love that I will relate to my husband and the love that I have for him. If this love is the same love that I relate to God and the love that I have for Him. What does love mean to me? And how will I choose to express this love during Valentine's Day this year?

P.S. I LOVED going to a Valentine's dinner with my SAO girls last night!

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