Sunday, February 13, 2011

V-Day post #2: Things I am looking forward to LOVING...

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am looking at my life and thinking of things that I say that I love. I am also thinking of things that I am looking forward to loving and really what love means to me! Today, I am focusing on what I am LOOKING FORWARD to loving. There are so many things! 

- My husband. I say this because while I am looking forward to having a boyfriend, I am more looking forward to having a committed marriage and choosing to love him every day. 
- Having a house. I can't wait to decorate my own place and have my own place to call home.
- Being a co - maid of honor at each of my sisters weddings. 
- Being an awesome elementary school teacher.
- Having children. I'm looking forward to having my kids jump on the bed when I wake up, taking them to school with me, and raising them to be strong men and women of God. 
- Becoming an active member of a church congregation after I graduate.
- Graduating from App. (Kindaaa looking forward to this...but kinda not because I love college)
- Having two dogs. I want a small puppy that cuddles with me and a big dog that protects me.

I'm sure that I am looking forward to loving a lot more things! But this is just to name a few. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I can't wait to think on what LOVE means to me. 

P.S. Here is my sweet sister and the Valentine's breakfast that she made her boyfriend, Jeremy this morning. They are so cute!

Am I looking forward to getting to do this? The answer is YES. 

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